Woot! My car insurance should be going down!

I may have had quite a time leading up to my birthday and to think there’s still plenty to go (despite less than seven hours left). Methinks Elizabeth will have a good day, too, because she has new, clean underwear. :-* (Gee, did I really say that out loud?) I got to crash at Sarah and April’s place because they are such awesome friends, even though I had to hear their arguing right before I left. It’s so nice to work someplace that gives my birthday as a holiday. What makes the day even more grand is that there’s been a gentle rain. I won’t elaborate on how unseasonably cool it’s gotten to start October.

And because it’s sort of been a running theme to mention word of the day on birthdays, today’s word on dictionary.com is perjorative and the word on Merriam-Webster is iota. Stuff those words in your pipe and smoke it!

Go Cubbies!!! Need I explain anymore?

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