Aw, the weekend’s almost over

But before it’s all over, I’m pulling for the Cubs to win tonight (duh!) as well as for the Lions to come back against the 49ers, although I care much less about the latter. Things to look forward to this week include the start of hockey season, and, um, well, I guess that’s the only thing to look forward to this week. I’ve got Database Nation to finish up (although I renewed it so it’s now due in November), and maybe lots of good stuff to purchase come November (’cause the auto insurance will be paid up until renewal in January). It probably won’t be a computer, but I’ve been thinking of getting more games or maybe take a nice drive to somewhere. (Dad desperately wants me to come to Indy, and I’ve been thinking since forever about going over to Chicago again.) I’ve only been around for 23 years, so there’s so much that I still want to do.


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