There’s much to be excited about!!!

As you should all know by now, the Cubs open the NLCS against the Marlins tonight. The writer for the Tribune predicts the Cubs will win in seven, but if Zambrano pitches a gem tonight, I expect it to be fewer. Still, they can’t take these fish lightly, what with how they knocked off the Giants. I want the Red Sox to come out of the AL for obvious reasons. This is quite a time to be a Cubbie fan. The drought may finally end.

Another reason I’m so stoked is that my auto insurance premium went down over $280!!! It went down over $230 for me simply turning 23, and about $53 more for one of my speeding tickets dropping off. I’ll owe only $173 this month and be good through January. I’ll have to pay two months’ worth of cellphone bills, but that’s chump change compared to having to pay $458 on insurance. What to do with the remaining money? I suppose I should renew my LiveJournal account, since that expires Thursday, but I haven’t really decided on that, considering how little I actually get to use it these days. I think I will get a game or two, since my consoles barely get the sweet lovin’ they so richly deserve. Decisions, decisions, as they always say.

I think I’m at that point in life where I can safely say I’m content. It’s true that I don’t get to experience the joys of life that some of my peers get to experience, but I still try to make the most of life as I see fit. I know I still have a long way to go if I want to acheive any of my so-called goals, but in the meantime, I don’t see it as terrible that I haven’t reached some of those goals where others my age ultimately have. Two or three years ago, I would’ve told you that I hated myself with every bone in my body. Now, I can say that I’m starting to like what I’ve become. I’m beginning to feel as if I do have something to offer to this world, and that I actually enjoy trying to make myself a better person. Two years ago, I thought no one would ever look to me for guidance or success; they wouldn’t take me seriously. Now, I feel people are slowly starting to come around. They’re beginning to see me for what I can be, not for what I can’t be.

Hockey season does start tomorrow, but as long as the Cubs are in the playoffs, I can’t really get too psyched up about that yet. But I do want the Wings to do well, even though I think this season will be one of their toughest. It doesn’t seem to me like they did enough during the offseason to ensure a return to the playoffs.

Well, I’m anxious to get back home so I can curl up on my sofa and watch the Cubs storm through another playoff series. I’ll try to keep this updated on a more regular basis, but the ways of my life can’t necessarily guarantee that. Just know I’m still hangin’ in there, and I’m not going to succumb easily to anyone or anything. Ever.


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