“How’d they let that guy get two three-day weekends in a row?”

Sigh, that’s what you get when Columbus Day falls within a week or so of your birthday. The weekend is turning out pretty well. Saturday, I decided to catch Kill Bill: Vol. 1, and I’ll say that it is totally one of those badass movies. There aren’t enough comedies based on gratuitous violence out there. I’m eagerly anticipating the followup in February.

It’s rather disappointing the Cubs couldn’t close it out tonight, but then we should all know that Florida won’t be able to win both 6 and 7. I did enjoy Saturday’s victory, after seeing Dontrelle Willis go down after 2.1 innings. And I’m sort of glad that Game 4 of New York-Boston got rained out tonight. The Cubs match up so well against either team coming out of the AL, so a title coming to Wrigleyville isn’t as farfetched as it once seemed.

Damn, it’s so warm in my mom’s place right now, but that’s probably because Mom is cooking so much of that soup that she and Adam are eating for their diet. Of course, I check Weather Underground, and it currently lists 76% relative humidity with calm winds. Bleh, but I find something to complain about the weather almost every day.

I decided to sign up for GameFly today just because I feel it’s the most economical thing for a guy like me to do. The 10-day free trial thing seems ridiculous, though, because that simply isn’t long enough to get a couple games, send one or both back, and then receive the next games on your list. But it beats having to walk through Blockbuster just to find out they don’t have the game you want to rent.


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