Blah, what an exhausting week!

This week wasn’t really all that exciting. However, on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I played euchre for the first time in what seems like eons. I’m glad to see that my skills haven’t dropped dramatically. That pretty much exacerbated the exhaustion. But the group I played with is a decent bunch. I look forward to many more games with them.

As for the weekend, Mom has friends from college who are celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary Sunday in Birch Run. However, she wants me to go down to her place in Coldwater before we would head up to Birch Run. For those familiar with Michigan geography, that’s pretty fucked up, and for those unfamiliar, well, just look at a Michigan map and you’ll quickly concur with those familiar. I went along the last time a couple of her college friends had one, so this type of thing is not unprecedented. And to think, my own parents could’ve had a 25th anniversary this year (though I doubt I’d have thrown a dinner party for them).

Sigh, the World Series shouldn’t matter to me, but I do want the Marlins to beat the Yankees, even though the former knocked off the Cubbies. Dad actually called me after the seventh game from, of all places, San Diego. He sure has gotten around ever since he hooked up with Vicki. He went up to Seattle when she was at a conference a few months back, and just a couple weeks ago, he visits southern California, where Vicki grew up. What’s next for them?

I have decided to take the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving off so I can go down to Indy to see him for the weekend. I suppose I should call him sometime this weekend so he knows my plans.


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