Damn, it’s been a long week!

I’m starting to think the world is moving backwards. Sarah no longer works for the Barking Frog, and Patty B. is supposedly doing karaoke there again. Sigh. At least I have no intention of moving back to that dump by Matteson Lake that who-knows-what happened to it by now. I’m still somewhat sane, which actually doesn’t say too much. I think I may just have to go home and snooze for half the evening and maybe make an appearance at the Cove. I could try to see Patty again, but maybe I’ll wait a few weeks before I try to do that. It seems so weird that they would actually hire her again.

November looks like it’s going to be one of those ho-hum months. Nothing really exciting is happening until after Thanksgiving, which is when I take that trip to Indy to visit Dad. I could attempt to do more, but I don’t necessarily want to blow money just because I don’t have car insurance to pay the next two months. I would love to see a concert or a K-Wings game, but I doubt I’ll actually do either, at least this month. It’s so hard to branch off from my normal routines. Wednesday I actually went up to Bailey Park Grille, but I guess they stopped doing karaoke on Wednesdays. You would figure I’d want to go to karaoke more than once or twice a week. But as they say, I’m still learning how to live.


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