Damn, it’s just been one exhausting week after another. I did manage to speak to Sarah on Tuesday about why she no longer works at the Frog. Somehow, I still think I could’ve done better. I’m contemplating going up there later today to participate in a euchre tourney, but most likely I’ll be too exhausted so I won’t leave to go back until early evening. Damn, I’ve barely started playing the game again, and now I want to be involved in a tournament that involves winning a monetary prize. It couldn’t hurt.

I can barely believe Dad’s already moving again, this time to a house on the southwest side of Indy. Supposedly it’s because it’s halfway between Dad’s and Vicky’s jobs, but I would think Dad might want to eventually transfer to a closer Meijer. (I know there’s one on Southport Rd., very close to where he’ll live.) Of course, I’ll get to see it the weekend of Thanksgiving.

I’m tempted to buy myself a paid account again just so I can try the PhonePost thing, but then I’ve always disliked the sound of my voice recorded. The pro would be I could update on nights where I wouldn’t have Internet access, thereby giving the impression that this journal isn’t as empty as it seems lately. Since I don’t pay additional long distance charges on my phone, the fact that there isn’t yet a number in the 269 is a non-issue. As is the case with anything, we shall see.


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