Interesting that I don’t update all weekend, eh?

It seems that The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is a popular book, since every copy here at Willard is checked out. Dad called yesterday, and he’s bringing furniture up Thursday. I told him we could go out to karaoke at Miller’s Time Out that evening. I’m going to get a better sofa and a coffee table. I needed a place to set my beverage when I’m not sitting towards the right side of my couch. I’m also getting a couple of his old computers, but I doubt I’ll be getting either of them online in the foreseeable future. The older of the two is actually one that I put together, way back in 1997.

My account seems to be doing better than I expected. I should be able to purchase gifts for Mom and Dad and still have plenty over the amount of a car payment before my next paycheck comes Thursday. Yes, things are going swimmingly* over here.

*Except I’m unable to track my Amazon order. 😦 I still predict that it will arrive on time, though.


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