It does get less exciting as you get older

Christmas was pretty good. I got the traditional Rand McNally road atlas, and the Wal-Mart store directory still lists the Willowbrook Road address for Coldwater’s store, even though it’s been relocated for at least three years now. I also got more tube socks and plenty of pairs of briefs from Mom. Adam got me a couple CDs, but nothing real spectacular. Adam was quite excited when he saw I got him the 6th edition of Trivial Pursuit. We played it earlier tonight, and Mom managed to triumph over both of us. (Her celabratory gesture was a little scary.) All because she managed to get a final question about something that happened near Ann Arbor (think of what fast-food chain is headquartered near there). She was the last to get all the wedges, too.

Grandma got me a used VHS tape, a shirt, and a $10 Meijer gift card, while Aunt Melanie got me a wall clock. I guess I can’t have too many timepieces. The VHS tape will have to be viewed somewhere other than my apartment since I don’t own a VHS player and don’t particularly want to get one. Of course, I know there are movies that aren’t out on DVD because some guys are anal about that sort of thing, but that debate has been argued elsewhere and I don’t feel like reopening it here. There are also some shows that need to be released on DVD, such as Fraggle Rock. That French-dubbed one that’s supposedly on the market means nothing to me.

I suppose since the day has officially changed, I can undertake what I like to call my Boxing Day tradition. Those of you who have been paying attention all these years will know exactly what I mean. The rest of you will just have to sit by and watch again as I do it a third time. I hope everyone continues to have a good holiday season, and to be careful trying to navigate the stores while making returns.


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