Damn society and all its “recommendations”!

There is probably a rule that states that a grown (let alone a straight) man should not enjoy a book about four teenage girls and their strong friendship (the chick-flick sort of thing, not the sexual thing), and I’m scoffing every facet of that rule. With getting done what we had to do at work so quickly, I’m just about three-quarters through the first one. The writing is actually pretty good, and I found myself laughing a little at certain points. Things like that make me want to rent Steel Magnolias and watch it again. But I will NOT succumb to the Oprah mentality. It’s just not gentlemanly.

Tonight, I think I’ll either go to Miller’s Time Out or the Barking Frog if I decide the former to be too busy for my comfort. I just want to avoid bringing in 2004 like I did 2003. But don’t anyone try to ask me to do anything either Friday or Saturday night (haven’t decided which yet), because I’ll be spending time with the Joneses :-*. The real question is how will I be able to go through three movies and not fall asleep when I can barely get through one without? Anyways, it should be fun.

I just have to make an obligatory reminder that if any of you go out and party tonight to please please please be careful. (Marc’s giving me the lecture right now as I write this.) Drink responsibly, and watch out for the ones that don’t.

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