If I ever get my hands on those who would spoof me…

Well, this weekend I think I’m going to have to go and just delete my Yahoo! account this weekend (need to save my address book first) after I got some bounced-back messages that have my address attached to them. Going to abuse of the ISP’s of the accursed forgers would probably do little good, as spammers obviously don’t care. I’m surprised that I’m not suspended already, if I am a supposed spammer. The thing is, these spoofers could be smart and try using my actual name instead of dumbass names like “Theresa” and whatever else they used. Fortunately, I think many people know of spoofing, so I don’t think I’ll get too many angry diatribes. If I do, they too should be dealt with harsly. It sort of makes me glad that I’m not online all the time, though, as it is easier to ignore the flames.

But what to do about email? Any email address can easily be spoofed, and web-based addresses are prime targets because of their popularity. I suppose the next email address I get will have to be very closely guarded (i.e. no more frilly web services where spammers harvest addresses like there’s no tomorrow). I don’t think I’ll use Usenet anymore for much the same reason. It’s just seems so hopeless, though, since anyone who knows your email address can spoof as you — no security in the world can stop that.

To summarize for those unwilling to read the preceding paragraphs, I am having a crisis, and I’m as mad as hell about it. Also, I regret if anyone received spam from my email address. You know to blame the spammers, and not silly ol’ me.

Edit: Goddamned Willard computers set the worng way! No one would really think I posted this on a Friday night, but the record must be accurate, damnit!


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