Blah, nothing too super about my weekend

Although I did manage to get out to the Frog to watch the Super Bowl. It was quite an exciting game, but I so wanted Carolina to win. Maybe they’ll get back next year. ;p

I was surprised to see my state refund already deposited into my account, which is good because I really would have had to rough it otherwise. I need to get to Centennial to pay last month’s bill, and I should fill up my gas tank. But tonight I plan to watch a couple movies I got from the library, and hopefully make progress on the new Bill O’Reilly book I borrowed. I also borrowed Neuromancer and that Bernard Goldman book about how the media are biased. I should have some interesting reading for a little while now.

I suppose I have a little more catching up to do, but Marc just called me and invited me to join him down at Schlotzsky’s for a quick bite.


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