Damn, have I had a week?

My car’s transmission went sour this week, so I was without my car for a couple days. Fortunately, I was able to spend a lot less than I could have, but unfortunately, I left the book I borrowed and a letter I wanted to mail that day in the car. (Of course, I would remember to get my badge out.) At least I can renew the book, and I got the letter mailed off today, so all should be right with the world. Marc actually got up early to come get me both Thursday and today. What a pal! I think I should go visit Mom this weekend so I can tell her all the good news.

And on sort of a bad note, THERE ARE MICE IN OUR MAILROOM! The mice seem to like to nibble on the meter tape, and I saw one of the scofflaws run towards a corner when Larry approached one of the Paragons. And to think they have problems when mice aren’t involved. James laid out some traps, so hopefully when we come in Monday morning, there will be some dead mice.

The Wings had an excellent game last night, and I must admit the guys in stripes may have played a big factor. They let stuff go, but when Colorado had two double-minors within two seconds of one another, a Red Wing victory seemed certain.


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