This weekend looks to be a snoozer

I had thought about going down to Dad’s, but with the bills I have to pay, I have to save money where I can. It’s a darn shame, too, because I would enjoy the drive down and back. I told Dad that I would come down sometime after the spring thaw. I did get to see Adam this past weekend, and he seems to be sticking to his diet. He’s given up soda, and even told me he started drinking a cup of coffee. Plus, he’s using a three-month pass to Bally Total Fitness as part of the Discovery Health thing. He says he’s lost 10 pounds so far, which I think is terrific. Perhaps he can join the Navy by his 20th birthday!

I do have a computer of my own…sort of. I’m using one of Barb’s old computers (a Pentium III, with pretty good stuff) in Marc’s office space. Hopefully I can be of some help to Marc. One of the previous tenants left an entire bookshelf full of books on C++, three different versions of Flash, Java, etc. If I had the nerve to crack open even one of those books, maybe I’ll rediscover my 133t programming skills, and learn some different syntax along the way.

I see the Cubs have avoided arbitration with Kyle Farnsworth, and signed him to a $1.4 million deal, which is just about what I expected. Now we see if we can get Maddux to come back. It isn’t a big deal if he doesn’t, since Juan Cruz is waiting in the wings. And speaking of Wings, exercising that option on Hasek has come to hurt us big. Cujo will be expected to rise to the occaision, but I would like to see Manny carry us to the Cup. He has the skill if the defense doesn’t hang him out to dry.


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