This is the real deal, y’all

Marriage is Overrated.

I should note that just because I support gay marriage should in no way imply that my cynicism of marriage in general has lessened.  |p

I haven’t even tried to make any headway in Neuromancer this weekend.  Fortunately, it isn’t due back until the 29th, and I can always renew if I haven’t finished it by then.  But then it’s always been difficult for me to get excited about anything when I haven’t felt too good about myself.

I ate some roast beef that Grandma cooked in a crock pot and topped it with some sweet and hot mustard.  It looked like it was about to separate, but it still tasted good.  I’m thinking about eating some ice cream.  Mom has moose tracks!  But I wouldn’t be surprised if I just stuck with vanilla.  I think I’d better enjoy the holiday tomorrow, since I don’t get another until Memorial Day.  At least I have plenty of vacation hours left.


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