So I have a little more money than I would’ve thought

I don’t know why I wouldn’t mention this until now, but Wednesday I got a check from that CD overpricing settlement.  It amounts to a whole $13.86!  Woo, if only everyday I could apply for a settlement where I don’t have to provide proof I was affected, I could eat hearty for an additional day!  I was actually surprised the amount was as much as it was (the max was $20).  If we want to get technical, I don’t think I bought enough CDs in the time period to be overcharged what I got, so indeed I am a winner! |p  And to think, I somehow dropped the check in front of my door after thinking it was in my car. At least it isn’t missing.

I think I can handle having so little money these next couple weeks (if not couple months).  Of course, it means my social life will be more non-existent than it already is.  It makes me wonder how anyone ever affords to get married and have a family and actually own a house.  Maybe it’s time for me to actually pursue a better job and if not a better job, at least something part-time so I can live a little easier.  Bonnie put it best the other day when she said all we do is work to pay bills.  I want to make my life more than just bill-paying, but somehow I don’t feel like I’ll ever move beyond the bill-paying.  At least in May and June, I won’t have to worry about the $350ish car insurance bills.  I might be able to buy some new duds then.

Somehow, I feel as if life is just a series of moving to progressively better cages.


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