How will I know that she even knew me?

Last night, Mom and I had dinner over at Neptune’s here in Coldwater.  Somehow, there was this woman who looked over at us (specifically more towards I), and she seemed a bit familiar.  She said her hello to us (didn’t call me by my name, I’m now realizing), but then proceeded to rejoin the conversation at her own table.  Later, after I go down to the bar to watch a bit of the Wings game, she and another female acquaintance walk by me as they leave.  I thought that she might reveal to me why she looked towards me after Mom and I sat down at our table.  Needless to say, she said nothing further to me, and now I cannot fathom why she just spontaneously said hello to me other than the fact we may have been Bronson alums.  Of course, then I have a dream which features a high schoolmate from the class before mine.  It had the strangest feelings of a camp of some kind.  And folks wonder why I’m not a social butterfly. >(


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