Another lazy Sunday

I’m thinking about going to Marc and Barb’s church tonight for their Night of Worship, since both of them are in the choir.  Seems like a little religious-themed music never really hurt me, and Marc said there wouldn’t be any heavy preaching.  I need something to do on an otherwise boring night.

I know I’ll fuel up before leaving Coldwater because the prices were 18 cents cheaper than when I left Battle Creek.  And then because I have the rottenest luck known to man, I’ll find they’ve come back down when I get back.  Woe is me, blah blah blah.  I’ll live with it.

I do not look forward to going back to work this week, especially if that lack-witted mail carrier thinks he can show up at 10:30 or after.  I think we’ll have a shitload of accountable mail, because there wasn’t any brought Wednesday through Friday last week.  Jerry, the mail manager, did file a complaint, but somehow I don’t think that’ll change things much.

Mom made chicken and rice for dinner today.  I don’t know what it is about them, but they’ve always been good together.  One particular favorite of mine is the chicken with savory rice.  The rice would have a dry taste to it, but it was still good with the flavor of the chicken.

I can never put my finger on it, but somehow today just doesn’t feel right.  It’s as if I fear people are angry with me, but since no one ever tells me anything, I can’t know for certain.  At least I managed to get my hair cut yesterday, so I feel a little better on that front.


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