Let it be known I did not cheat to get this result

Today was perhaps a bit more eventful than yesterday, but not by much.  I noticed a semi tipped over on the ramp leading from southbound M-66 to westbound I-94 — fortunately I was heading northbound.  I also noticed some guy lost a dumpster from his pickup just south of the Dickman Road interchange.  The fool was attempting to walk back towards it (the container having landed near the center barrier) when I drove past.  I would hope he doesn’t get hit, but if he did, I wouldn’t feel as if he didn’t deserve it.

This weekend is looking to be somewhat good, as Barb, Marc, and I are all going to karaoke at the Frog tomorrow night.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a time to relax, but I’m not complaining if there’s loads of work to do.  We’ve got plenty of DRMOs to send things, but that shouldn’t take much time at all.  Another weekend to rest and relax sounds good to me.


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