They always said it was better to start early

I can’t say I’m too surprised by this story, but somehow I’m thinking the poor boy’s going to be marked for the rest of his life.  Seriously, though, the parents are going to be questioned on the whole deal, and I’d wager that they’ll be stripped of their parental responsibilities. Honestly, how else does a 4-year-old end up taking up to $10,000 worth of crack to a Head Start program?  Anyway, I know that this is only a preliminary report, so I’ll be quite interested to see just what the search of the home uncovered (like we couldn’t guess). (Note: link updated 3-23)

Today actually turned out to be pleasant, with only eight tubs of mail to sort through (normal Mondays can be 10-14).  It was sunny and mild with a bit of a cool breeze when I walked out of work this afternoon.  Spring is definitely beginning to show its signs.  I haven’t seen any robins about, though.  In time, they’ll come.  I can hardly believe that Weather Underground says it’s 32, though.  I didn’t feel any freezing outside, but then maybe it’s because I’m so used to below freezing temps, actual freezing feels warm.

I think tonight I’m going to actually lay down and read for a good bit.  Right now I have An Invisible Sign of My Own checked out.  It actually sounds pretty interesting, a 20-year-old who loves math gets picked to be a teacher.  You just have to have a suspension of disbelief over teacher certification issues.  I still have to get used to the author’s lack of quotation marks.  I figure it means everyone’s being indirectly quoted.


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