I’m not down yet

Goodness, these days have just flown by.  The NHL playoffs start tomorrow, and baseball is pretty much underway.  I have to say that I was quite impressed with the Tigers’ opening day victory, as well as the Cubs, although not as impressive.  Somehow I think the Cubs can go far, but they must not choke.

As for the Wings, I would expect them to play much better this year, and hopefully avoid the catastrophe that was last season.  I don’t expect Nashville to be a cakewalk, but somehow the Wings should have a better time getting goals.  But the defense will have to show up, too.  Everyone looks at the East and expects them to be tough, considering six of those teams have at least 100 points, but who we got out West aren’t exactly easy pickins.  The Wings will have to play their best game in every round, especially if they do come out of the West.  It shapes up to be a very exciting postseason.

Marc has Kevin Baker up here so they can work on Kevin’s site.  Kevin’s quite a character and a superb guitar player.  He was even nice enough to buy us all pizza from the Bici Bistro.  You can’t disrespect a guy like that.

I made the mistake of leaving my book at work last night, so hopefully tonight when I get home, I’ll be able to do some more reading before I go to bed.  I’m currently reading The Breathtaker.  It has a very interesting premise, because it’s about murders being committed close to when a tornado strikes.  I have a preliminary guess on who the culprit might be, but I’ll be interested to know just exactly how someone could kill in such circumstances, as well as motive, but then everyone wants to know what the motive is, even if a severe storm isn’t involved.

And because I have good reason to mention it, April is National Autism Awareness Month.  Now you have no excuse not to know. ;p


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