Can you tell it’s going to be another long offseason?

Meh, somehow I knew the Wings would bow out this round, yet it’s still kind of depressing when you see it.  If Calgary keeps it up, they’ll be able to win the Cup.  They’re not to the level of Tampa Bay, but then we were all surprised last year when Anaheim was able to make it to the final.  There are definitely going to be changes to the Wings this season, but right now is not the proper time to dwell on that.  There’s still much playoff hockey to be played, so I’ll do my best and enjoy the rest of it.  But not before I had a bit of mourning with some Little Caesars pizza.  Mmm, I can see I’ll have to do a bit more mourning. ;p

I’m so looking forward to the weekend.  I’ll get to see Mom in the community theatre, plus I’m taking Friday off so I can spend the weekend with her.  Life looks to be grand.


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