New list of popular baby names released

Maybe I’m the least qualified to comment on these kinds of trends, but will someone for the life of me tell me why so many people in recent years have named girls Madison?  What happened that made a name of one of our former presidents all of a sudden so feminine that it’s gotten exponentially more popular throughout the 90s?  Someone give me some kind of clue.  It doesn’t quite reach the level of absurdity that those about my age named Jamie over 99% of the time had a middle name of Lynn (or however many spellings there are of that name).  I know both of the Jamies in my class had that middle name. Update: I looked at the table by state and it seems Madison is prevalent in the South. And then I notice that 771 Michiganders have Madisons, so really, tying it to geography proves to be ineffective. Maybe they thought of Dolley Madison, and all those yummy baked treats named after her. -_-

And speaking of class, I did mail in the RSVP slip for my reunion.  Nothing like reuniting with my classmates to bring back the not-so-good memories of high school.  It should be great fun. ^O^  At least I can’t go wrong for wanting prime rib over chicken.

I think tonight I’ll make a jaunt into Indiana to pick up Powerball tickets.  There’s nothing like feeling extremely hopeful of winning a $212 million jackpot, even though the odds are absolutely shitty.  It’s not like I’ll play a lottery unless the jackpot reaches over 150 million, so it’s an occaisional treat I enjoy.


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