The computer I use is finally back on the network!  I can continue my quest to entertain, confuse, and bore you without having to leech off of Marc’s comp.  I also got the nosepads replaced on my glasses, for free.  I should feel so guilty for not having to pay for them, but hey, I’ll take ’em.  I also am somewhat excited about the new batch of games coming out, but like most people, I’ll likely end up with only one or two of them.  I swear, I haven’t bought a game since Madden 2004, but we can say that’s attributable to a lack of anything worthy since rather than my lack of funds ;p.

In other news, it seems the Sharks are in trouble if they aren’t able to get their game on in Calgary.  But if the Flames can sweep, it more than justifies their defeat of the Red Wings, leaving me not as disappointed.  And what is up with the NHL suspending Hatcher for a hit that wasn’t even penalized?  Colin Campbell must love to hit a man when he’s down.


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