Everyone look out for Glendon Rusch!  He’s definitely going to shake things up in the NL Central, that is if they find a way to keep him in the lineup when Kerry Wood comes back.  There definitely needs to be a southpaw in the rotation.  The offense is looking pretty good (not great yet), and if Prior returns to his usual form, then there should be no way the Cubs fall out of contention.  Meanwhile, let’s all hope the Braves fall flat on their asses.  The tomahawk chop got old about 12 seasons ago. |p

I sort of knew this would happen, but I must wholeheartedly condemn Cannes for trying to give Michael Moore any real sense of legitimacy.  If the film had been anything other than a Bush-bashing documentary, no one for a mere moment would lend it any credibility, let alone Cannes’s top honor.  But that only goes to show how hard it is for people to actually consider the actual truth of the matter and instead just play along, because it sounds cool to do so.

I’m really enjoying Mike’s Hard Lime.  It seems as if each new product that is released tastes better than the previous one, except for Mike’s Hard Iced Tea, because it tastes more like sugar than it does tea.

There’s plenty of ingredients in the atmosphere for a nice thunderstorm, but so far today, one hasn’t come through Coldwater.  It’s as muggy as hell here, though, and I’m rather surprised that one wouldn’t form right here, given all the moisture and the wind.


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