Heads are going to roll over this one

I look over the Willard site, and according to their records, I have a book that’s overdue, despite the fact that I returned it merely three or four days after I checked it out.  If they ask me about it the next time I’m in, there will be no way that a fine will be levied against me.  That, and the book they say I checked out is currently on the sheves.  I bet the problem popped out when the person at circulation created another record for the book.  Hehe, I am so going to win this fight.  I think I’ll head over there right now.

I will not put up with any more bullshit!

And before you can say, “Where’d he go?” I update: Hehe, the problem was resolved, no library peeps were harmed, ’cause we all know that library peeps are cool! Including my mother. |p And I got The Last Juror to boot. Life can be so wonderful sometimes.


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