There is great news

Adam has been accepted into the Navy!!!  He passed his physical and tests, but he won’t ship out for basic until January 18th.  That means he’ll get a bigger bonus and his program of choice, though, so not a bad plan at all.  I’ll have to wait for him to call me back with more details, since I called him while he was at work.  Ooops!

Slightly less good news, but good nonetheless, is that Netmagikpros has scored a deal with Douglas and Associates.  The irony of this greatly amuses me, as one of Douglas and Associates’ clients is none other than the State of Michigan.

I don’t have any major plans for Memorial Day weekend, but I am going to my cousin Olivia’s graduation party.  Tomorrow I have to work at 7:00am, but then I’ll be able to get my car’s routine maintenance done at 3:30pm.  Then I’ll probably go to my mother’s to spend the weekend, hopefully seeing the simulcast of the World Series of Poker final table.


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