Yet another sign that we’re doomed! Doomed, I tells ya!

I don’t think I’ll be the first to point out this story, but let me just tell you what it boils down to.  A group of homosexuals blatantly violate a rule to cause them to be denied the Eucharist, and then they have the nerve to complain about being treated unfairly.  Now those of you that know me know I support homosexual rights, but I also support a private organization’s right to enforce its own rules in regards to its sacraments.  Even though the Roman Catholic Church is large in scope, it still is a private organization, meaning they can deny sacraments to anyone as they see fit.  The fact that this prticular group decides to openly defy the rules means that they should expect nothing less than to be denied the Eucharist, and therefore should not whine when this results.  But no, they scream unfairness even though they knew they could receive it if they just followed the rules.  Better yet, they could go to a church that has an open table policy on Holy Communion, but no, they pull this stunt and then expect people to be sympathetic towards them.  I won’t buy into it.

Olivia’s graduation party was fun, and there was much delicious food to be had.  It was pretty nice until a driving rain came at about 10 minutes to 5.  The drive over and back was good, although there was a good amount of traffic on US-12 on the way over.  I’m still perplexed over the fact that Olivia still thought I was in school, even though I must’ve said something to the contrary in the nearly four years since I left MCTI.  Oh well.

I must get more of The Last Juror read tonight so I can be sure to finish it by June 1.


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