I think my soul got corrupted somewhere along the way

I made the decision to attend our company picnic, at least the portion of Peckham who works in Battle Creek.  At least it’s going to be at a Battle Creek Yankee game, which would probably be more enjoyable than if it were held in a location where it has been previously.  I went to the whole company-wide picnic in Lansing two years ago, and clearly I wasn’t impressed, as Mom and I literally left that just a few minutes after eating our food.  But supposedly the food is being provided by the stadium, and stadium food, while not the greatest thing in the world, isn’t really that awful, either.

It’s always been amazing to me that dollar coins are given as change in the stamp vending machines at the post office, yet you still don’t see them used regularly.  But then I realized as I was watching Sarah count out her tip money back when she was still waitress at the Barking Frog that strictly using dollar coins could be a bit cumbersome.  I end up using them (when I get them) just as I would a dollar bill, since there’s no sense in them just lying around.  The only times I ever manage to get dollar coins is when I buy stamps from the vending machine because I don’t want to have to wait in line to buy all the new nifty stamps that come out.  BTW, those Lewis and Clark stamps are really keen.

Not much going on this weekend, but I may want to go somewhere that would take me through Charlotte, as gas is supposedly the cheapest there.  It baffled me that a couple stations near Dickman and 20th dropped to $2.019 while several others jumped to $2.189  If I had left for work earlier this morning, I definitely would have stopped at the Marathon on the corner which was still the former.  Somehow, I don’t think it will be that much when I go back home.

Two days I’ve had the book Life of Pi, and I’ve yet to begin.  Friday must be slow so I can get some reading done.  I also borrowed a couple DVDs I must watch before Tuesday.  Boy, I sure try to spread myself thin sometimes.  :-l


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