Maybe he wasn’t embarrassed

I always have a problem when people quit campaign races because of issues that are in no relation to the campaign itself.  So Jack Ryan took Jeri Ryan to a few sex clubs when they were married.  Why the hell would this make him unqualified to run for the Senate?  And I agree with Jack that the records should never have been unsealed anyway.  But I guess it’s too late to reseal them now.

I had a pretty decent week at work, and I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend.  The game and picnic tomorrow should be pleasant, if only because I might meet some Peckham co-workers I might not normally see.  But tonight, I think I’ll go pick up a Little Caesars pizza and watch the Cubs take down the Sox.  Oh yeah, and everyone root for the Royals to take down the Cardinals.

Ah, if only I could feel this good all of the time.

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