Something I’ve been pondering

You know how Michigan recently passed the cigarette tax increase?  I’ve been wondering why the hell the retailers haven’t been suing to at least get an injunction in place before it goes into effect July 1.  It seems every time passes a law trying to ban abortion, everyone and his mother sues to get it blocked (with an astounding rate of success, unfortunately), yet no one’s jumping on the tax increase, seeming content to just let it go into effect.  I know that the retailers aren’t puny little weaklings, so why they don’t fight this is mind-boggling to me.  They have a legitimate argument if they just say that this move will hurt their business, and it just isn’t those who sell cigarettes.  A lot of business will be headed south, quite literally, even those who live up near Wisconsin.  Granholm shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this.


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