They get like 11 hits, and they still lose by three

The game last night went pretty well.  I spent practically the whole time with the Streeters (who work in Graphics), and Brian was nice enough to treat me to a couple beers.  Lydia and her husband came and chatted with us for a little while, but after the picnic, all the other Peckham employees who were there scattered off, not to be seen by me again (like I would care if I did).  I also treated myself to a couple $1 brats, which seemed a little big for their buns.  (There’s probably some hidden joke here, but I’ll spare you its badness.  Or is that badassness?)

I finished Life of Pi today finally, so I returned it.  The bad news is the library is closed on Sundays during the summer, so I couldn’t get any other books, but then tomorrow is Monday, which means I’d probably have very little time to read anyway.  But tomorrow I must remember to stop in at the library so I can pick up new reading material, and maybe a DVD, if I can actually spare time to watch it.

I think I will go back out to Kohl’s and pick up another pair of Dungaree shorts.  They just feel so comfortable on my body.  Some might even say SEXAY! ;-*  But first, I have a hankering for Old Country Buffet.  It’s a true sign of Americana — people of various sizes all gorging at the thought of all-you-can-eat goodness.  Then maybe Meijer to see what’s on sale, and maybe pick up a couple things before I return to my apartment and dread the coming workweek.  At least this next weekend is a three-day one, and I might take one or two days in addition, or take a few more days the weekend after.

I think my heart may be like a tiger, but my brain is like a three-toed sloth.


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