First off, I request that anyone who reads this journal regularly read today’s Pearls Before Swine; I know of at least two people on my friends list who will find it as amusing as I did.

Next, I want to give you my beef on John Edwards.  As the Chicago Tribune reported this morning, John Kerry selected him because “his sunny optimism…would present a sharp contrast with Republicans in the fall campaign.”  What would likely be more accurate is if we replaced “Republicans” with “Kerry’s cloudy pessimism”:  it certainly is more literary.  However, no matter how wide Edwards’s smile might get, he is still at his core a liberal, and those of you who all of a sudden want to vote for this ticket should not be easily swayed.  He still wants to implement programs that would lean our nation more socialist.  But some people will look at his positive outlook and not realize that they’ll actually be lead into a path of doom.  Edwards just has that aura to him.  But then we must all remember that if Kerry gets elected, then it’s Kerry who will be president.  We know his outlook isn’t that bright.  Edwards will merely serve as the diversion while Kerry keeps whining.  The idea is to be turned on by Edwards so that you won’t be turned off by Kerry.

With the election less than four months away, the Democrats needed someone who could balance Kerry.  As I thought during the bulk of the primaries, I knew Edwards would be that guy.  There’s something about his boyish charm that probably will reach out to those crucial swing voters.  But rest assured that I will not be tempted by the sugarcoatings of an irrational ideology.  If I know your ideas are majorly flawed, what kind of good-hearted optimism will convince me that they aren’t?

Last, today I will likely go out and have a beverage with a certain kind of whiskey and a certain kind of lemon-lime soda.  The reason should be fairly obvious.

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