That weekend went by too fast

I suppose I should mention how the rest of my trip to Indy went.  Sunday, Adam took me downtown to primarily show me Circle Centre Mall.  We also did some walking before heading back to the mall and spending an hour or so at Gameworks.  I still have over $25 on my card, but the nearest Gameworks to me is likely the one over in Auburn Hills (if not Indy), so it’ll likely be a while before I spend any of it again.

The drive back up yesterday was pretty relaxing.  I even managed to miss a turn or two along the way—fortunately there are no hurries to get home, since I stopped by the Buffalo Wild Wings in Kalamazoo to watch the Home Run Derby and play that wonderful NTN trivia.

Mom called me this afternoon and it seems that yet again, I’ll be going to Polish Festival with her.  But this time I will not drink myself sick like I have on previous occasions.  Bronson has a way of bringing up bad memories that sometimes I can’t help myself.  I do want to do more dancing, but it seems like all my high school chums (especially the women) just like to stand around and drink.  I just can’t seem to win.


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