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Your LJ Hos
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Feather Colour: RedBlueGreenYellowOrangePurpleBrownTaupeChartreuseVermillionStuccoEggshellBlack
The popular ho: shannieshan
The big-boobed ho: kittyfish
The kinky ho: adamsphilosophy
The classy ho: kittyfish
The crossdressin’ ho: kittyfish
Average Monthly Income: $1,438,256.58
This cool quiz by mabelair – Taken 433 Times.

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As I said I would, I didn’t come back from the Big Tent wanting to hurl—I limited myself to four beers—but I slept very well last night.  Spike and the Bulldogs are still a very entertaining band; dancing to them seemed to clear up some of those bad feelings I’ve been having.  I’m thinking of going back to Bronson tonight, but this time to play more bingo—I only got a few games in last night.


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