Time to update on the ususal nothing again

I ended up not winning bingo at all on Saturday night, but I was able to console myself with Little Caesars.  Who says the night couldn’t be good?

Sunday, there was an open house for my former residence, so Mom and I saw how nice it got fixed up.  The wood-paneled floors were a nice touch in the kitchen and back hallway areas.  Also, all the carpeting was replaced, as were the mirrored closet doors.  I think the next owner will be quite impressed.  Later on that evening, I stopped at Miller’s Time Out on my way back home, and I got to catch up with April again.  She will be moving to Lansing in two weeks, even though she really didn’t get as debt free as she had hoped.

Monday was actually quiet once all 13 tubs of mail were finally pitched.  (Sometimes, we just take whatever we can in the morning and deliver the rest in the afternoon.)  I was able to read through a few chapters of my book, and I believe I should be able to finally finish it this week.  Now that I’m reading James McManus’s exploits in the 2000 World Series of Poker, I’d love to check out more books related to poker strategy.  I’m also contemplating playing the WRKR satellite tournament (there’s no buy-in) over at TC’s on Thursday and perhaps play in the big tourney July 31 at the Radisson.  I probably should register down at Premier, also, to have a chance to get in that way.

Speaking of new obsessions, I’m now playing Kingdom of Loathing.  It’s basically a simple web-based RPG with zany elements—my character is a pastamancer!  I just started Sunday, but I see this as something I can do everyday.  Nothing can be more fun than questing to obtain oodles and oodles of meat!  I highly recommend joining if you enjoy offbeat humor and RPGs.

It’s time for the Cubs to take two from the Cardinals!

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