Bleh, I think tonight I’ll go hoem and plop into bed

Wednesday night didn’t go as I would have hoped.  But then there’s no sense in whining about it because it was surely nothing against me personally.  But still, being invited to hang out with someone and then be ignored most of the night by that person kind of sucks.

I put my name in for that satellite at Arcadia last night, but it was not drawn, and I don’t feel like trying to put my name in just to earn a spot to go all the way to Kalamazoo.  I’ve got other ways to spend my time.

I paid this month’s bill to Centennial today, but next week, Centennial shall be out of my life forever!  I’ll port my number to Nextel, though, so no need to edit entries in your phones.  I’m actually greatly excited about this, and I have no idea why.  The i710 looks so sleek and sexy, though, so I think it shall be an improvement.

Boo to the Cubs being on a Chicago-only station tonight!  Yay to be able to watch them tomorrow and Sunday!  Although tomorrow I’m thinking of coming in for a home show at Kellogg Arena.  (Marc gave me a free ticket.)


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