Something’s been puzzling me

Why is it that Puerto Rico gets to have its own Olympic team when it is clearly part of the US?  Not that it would’ve helped the men’s basketball team, but it just will likely make others in the world think Puerto Rico is independent when it is indeed not.  The same goes for the other dependencies of other nations.  Maybe someone more educated than me can explain, but it’s still mind-boggling nonetheless.

And as long as I’m on the subject of the Olympics, NBC’s website makes it sound like an absolute travesty that Michael Phelps won’t be able to break Mark Spitz’s record for gold medals.  Ebersol must be reeling that now people probably won’t have a reason to watch any of the games, since Phelps going for the record was probably the only exciting thing for the Americans in Athens.  And this after there was hardly any reason to watch the Sydney games.  At least I didn’t watch them.  Everyone knows the Winter Games are so much better anyway.  Wake me up when curling is on again.

And why the fuck are the Cubs blowing it again?  Common sense tells you that when you get to the eighth ahead by two, you don’t let the other team score FIVE!!!  >:O

Yeah, I’m angry about shit!  Nothing new there.


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