More bad news for the Michael Phelps hypesters

Michael Phelps lost the 200m freestyle to Ian Thorpe.  This means that he can no longer even tie Mark Spitz for gold medals.  But buried in all the Phelps hype is the 100m backstroke events, which Natalie Coughlin and Aaron Peirsol both won.  See, I tell you, you’ve got to really overlook all the hype to see who the real winners are.

Work today was so-so.  I think tomorrow will be just as bad, because there’s two printers and about 34 digital cameras to be mailed out.  (You should know by now who brought the items I just mentioned.)  I do need to get over to the library sometime tonight to pick up another book after finishing John Stossel’s excellent tome on how the left has come to greatly dislike him.  I should also see what DVDs are available, since the library does carry films that I would like to see.  I just have to make sure I make time for myself to watch them.

I so need to get out more, since obviously I don’t get out enough.  I also wonder why April hasn’t tried to contact me yet despite having been able to get settled these past two weeks.  I really don’t want to lose touch with her, like I have with so many friends in the past.


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