Marc and Barb lost their baby last night.  I do wish the Coppinses the best of luck in getting justice over the matter.

Work was actually relaxing today for a change.  I’m enjoying Bush Country very well.  I just wish more people could see the irrationality in thinking that Bush is a terrible leader.  Disagreements are one thing.  Blatantly lying about him is something else entirely, and it shouldn’t be tolerated.

And what is up the asses of the NHLPA?  Do they really want the league to die?  The owners need things like salary caps to not go bankrupt, and yet the players union still doesn’t want any of it.  Knowing that hockey doesn’t bring in huge revenues, it is illogical that players should demand such high wages.  Supply and demand are out of sync here, folks.

Personal stuff aside, this is probably one of the happiest and saddest stories you’ll ever find.


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