WHOA! You know a lot about DDR don’t you?! …You
weren’t looking up these answers were you?

An Actual Accurate DDR Quiz- How much do you know?
brought to you by Quizilla

Really, folks, I’ve only played about five times my entire LIFETIME.  I must’ve just made some extremely fortunate guesses.

Last night when I got to my apartment, I noticed that the DVDs I borrowed were still in my car, so I had to come all the way back dowtown to return them.  I also forgot to mention in my Pitch Black madness that yesterday morning on my way to work, my Spectra’s odometer rolled over to 25,000 (of which I must’ve put at least 22 or 23K).  It’s only about 20 away from its next recommended service, so I suppose I should call to make an appointment.

Again, we had a pittance of mail to take to the post office.  I sure hope we’re not slammed tomorrow if Larry is still recovering from his back woes.

I now have a 12-pack of Pitch Black in cans.  I wish Pepsi still bottled their sodas in glass, because then the taste would be très magnifique!


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