Gee, who didn’t see this coming?

Prosecutor to Drop Rape Charge Against Kobe Bryant

This should prove to all those people out there that you better make darn sure the sex isn’t consensual before you go accuse someone of rape.  I can only hope now that the woman’s name gets drug everywhere through the media now.  I didn’t believe for a moment that Kobe would be one to actually commit rape—he’s not one of the unsavory characters in the NBA, folks.

I can’t believe it’s September already.  That means it’s only two months until the election.  It seemed like it was only yesterday that it was eight or nine months off.  The Republican Convention is clearly beating the Democrat Convention in every possible way.  You just have to love the fact that the person giving the keynote address for the GOP is a [snicker, everybody!] Democrat.  I’ve said it before, and I know I’ll say it numerous times, but I can’t see how anyone can logically support John Kerry.  I heard some of the calls on C-SPAN the past few nights, and it seems like the lot of them say they’re for Kerry because they’re against Bush.  I mean, is there anyone out there who’s genuinely proud of the fact he wants to tax people disproportionately?  Anyone proud of the fact that he can’t stick to a position when it comes to national security, the most important issue in our time?

Anyway, regardless of political convictions, I dare anyone to deny the total hotness of the Bush twins.  :-*  If either of them ever run for office, it would be foolhardy to deny my vote.


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