Allow me to be non-political for a change

Work was overall pretty pleasant today.  The obvious highlight of the day was celebrating Stan Coleman’s retirement.  For me, that meant going up to his area and getting a piece of cake and some punch.  (The table with all the main lunch fixins’ was swarmed, and I didn’t care to wait to get coldcuts.)  Naturally, I didn’t bother to wish Dr. Coleman good luck in future endeavor, because I had to get back to my desk so I could eat the yummy cake (so moist and sweet).  It was the first time in ages that I snagged a piece of cake somewhere, and that should be unusual when you consider just about everyday (at least so far this week and last) someone somewhere in the building is doing something that involves cake.

I so look forward to this weekend, as I do every three-day weekend.  Also (because I’m shameless), my mother is 51 today!  Congrats to her.

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