Somehow, I can’t help but surmise one or more of these is accurate

The Dirty Nerd Meme by PikaCharma
Refers to women’s breasts as “dicebags” tastysteve
Makes lovers call them by their D&D character name adamsphilosophy
Prefers the Monster Manual to Playboy or Penthouse circle_sky
Shags in time with DDR music kittyfish
Does bad things with N64 Rumble Packs magikmarc
Reads kinky Harry Potter slashfic unenlagia
Writes kinky Harry Potter slashfic chef_adam
Screams out “Kamehameha!” in the throes of passion jellyrose
Gets the above reference and is turned on by it jellyrose
Has orgasms that require a subterfuge roll adamsphilosophy
Hums Final Fantasy victory music in the afterglow chef_adam
Quiz created with MemeGen!

In other news, those supposed new content writers fucked everything up when it came to the site I was helping develop.  I’m not even going to bother to link to it, because I wouldn’t want my faithful readers to be disgusted by it.  Just so you know, Marc and I are both pretty upset about it.


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