The Cubs blow Game 1. They better not blow the second.

I will announce that I have a ticket to see the president over at C.O. Brown Stadium on Monday.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get out of work 90 minutes early so I can be there by 3.  Otherwise, it’ll be a sorely missed opportunity.  How often does a president actually stage an event in my immediate area?  (He flies in to and out of Battle Creek many times, because W.K. Kellogg Airport has a runway that can accomodate Air Force One.) I hope that there is a good turnout, because when I tried to get tickets during my lunch, the line stretched down the sidewalk and back into the parking lot.  Thankfully it was much shorter when I actually got a chance to pick up my tickets at 4:30.

I’m so upset with the recent woes of the Cubs.  They absolutely cannot lose to Florida, and yet they get shutout the first game.  The Cubs need to win the second game (and all the rest against the Marlins) if they hope to win the wild card.  I mean, if the Astros are now leading the wild card race, something dreadfully wrong is going on with the Cubs.  There’s still a long ways to go, but that doesn’t mean the Cubs can slack off a few games, especially against those that are also seeking the wild-card spot.  Also, I’m sort of disappointed the Cubs are going to drop their affiliation with Lansing, but that’s the way of Class A baseball.

This weekend will be one primed for relaxation, with maybe some social schmoozing mixed in.  I want to go over to BW3 Sunday to watch the Lions game and play QB1!  Literally, I haven’t gotten to play it since I was down in Indy in November.  Maybe I’ll finish my book, too, but I know most of my time I’ll spend watching some sort of football.

Edit: Seems my assessment sparked things up, because the Cubs are rolling 11-1 in the bottom of the 7th.


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