An afternoon seeing the president

I did manage to get out to attend the rally this afternoon.  It was a totally wonderful time, despite standing out in the 85 degree heat.  Other than the president himself, highlights included Billy Dean’s set and Nick Smith.  (I must have arrived too late to hear Joe Schwarz’s speech, and the Pennfield band must’ve played while I was walking toward the stadium.)  I had a pretty good view of Bush as I was standing a few yards from his walkway to the podium, and I had a good view of the podium itself.  Such a shame I don’t have a camera, but I know I’ll have a story to tell to future generations.

The Lions actually played pretty respectable yesterday.  Somehow, the offense needs to improve a little, and that could be a little difficult with Charles Rogers breaking his collarbone again.  But Roy Williams is proving his worth after a spectacular one-handed catch.  The running game needs to improve greatly, as it seems Detroit hasn’t really had a decent running back since Barry Sanders retired.  Kevin Jones has quite a ways to go to be considered halfway decent.

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