Your Political Career by amitiel
Political Party DemocratRepublicanGreenLiberatarianIndependantReform
Date of Election: September 7, 2014
Your Vice President: reality_hammer
First Lady: adamsphilosophy
Attorney General: chef_adam
Secretary of State: kittyfish
Chief of Staff: tastysteve
Intern: circle_sky
Scandal: You forget to wear your pants to an important diplomatic meeting in Abu Dhabi.
Americans will… have no opinion about you for or against.
Chance for Re-election:: 69%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I read one of the letters in today’s Battle Creek paper, and someone still thinks those draft resolutions which are stuck in their respective committees have a high likelihood of passing, even when this issue was debunked months ago.  It seems some people just don’t want to actually think about the status of something, instead trying to blare alarms to scare people.  If she was truly aware of this piece of legislation, she would have realized the status and would have no reason to panic by writing a letter trying to bring light to a situation that has been explained already.  In other words, she’s about a year or two late to the ballgame.

I’m so going to enjoy the drive down to Kentucky this afternoon.  As long as Mom’s Aerostar can hold up, I think we’ll all be fine.


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