Work was quite a drag today, but then Mondays are always like this.  A division up in cataloging (DLIS-KFAC to be precise) had nine boxes to ship to Camp Victory—another division sent a bunch of boxes there a few weeks ago.  Kurt Dobberteen’s two boxes weren’t even going to be touched by me until tomorrow.

I must say my mood is improving after I started reading Tales of a Drama Queen.  It certainly is a break from the political stuff I like to read.  Its quirkyness has me chuckling out loud.  And like so many novels I’ve read this year, it’s the author’s first.  I know what it is:  I’m drawn to debut novels by women about women.  If I can’t have women in real life, I can at least have them in book form, where they’re probably more entertaining.  It’s with this sentiment in mind that makes me bemoan The Third Summer of the Sisterhood‘s release after Christmas instead of before.

I must head out to the mall tonight.  Somehow, it’s always nice just to walk around there without buying anything.  And if I do buy anything, that’s always a plus.


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