Just a thought

I know there are still a lot of undecided voters out there, and the three debates are going to be crucial in helping those fence-sitters make a decision.  But then I don’t expect anything shocking to come from either candidate.  Kerry will insist on claiming that Bush mislead us into war (though Kerry said some of the same things leading up to it), and Bush will claim Kerry switches positions given the same information (which is absolutely true).  But I hope that the moderators of these debates will have the backbone to act tough, truthful questions.  Somehow, I don’t think they will given what some people misinterpret as being “uncivil.”

Argh!  The Cubs lost again today when they absolutely needed to win!  >:O  Now Houston and San Francisco (allowing the Padres to gain a game is preferable at this point) must both lose tonight so the Cubs can remain tied for the wild card lead.  I wasn’t expecting the season to hinge on when Atlanta (which should not even be in this postseason DAHHHHH!!!!!) came to Wrigley, but now it’s looking as if that will be the case.  And we must all remember that the only coin flip Chicago won was with Florida, so any playoff would have to be on the road.

I marvel at the significant things my birthday is this year.  It marks the end of the baseball regular season; it also is exactly 30 days before the general election.  Less significant is the Lions’ bye, but it is still an important bye after Kevin Jones’s injury and the non-surprise trouncing by the Eagles in Week 3.


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