Work was pretty boring today for the most part.  Only two and a half tubs of mail to sort through.  At least I was able to read much of the papers this morning.  Yay for the Twins beating the Yankees in Game 1 of their series!  Hopefully tonight the Twins can go up 2-0.  And, as much as I hate to say it, I’m actually glad Houston is leading Atlanta right now (the Astros are the “lesser” of two evils in this series).

How the hell is it that we only get flu vaccines from two companies, and that the closure of one causes a severe shortage?  You’d think there’d be a bigger market for such things.  Oh well, I didn’t get flu shots when they were plentiful, so this shortage really doesn’t change things for me all that much.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the vice-presidential debate last night, it’s that it’s not going to change anything.  I do have to laud Cheney for bringing up the brilliant point about Kerry-Edwards not standing up to Howard Dean.  The problem with the Democratic ticket is that they have to appease those that supported Dean if they have any shot of winning, lest the Dean voters actually decide to vote for someone else who was always against the war in Iraq (since Dean didn’t win the nomination).  Frankly, I think all the Dean sycophants were wrong, and you have to admit part of Dean’s downfall was his strong anti-war stance (clearly a lot of Democrats supported the war).  And it strikes me as odd that Kerry automatically will have the credibility to get more allies.  Now, regardless of which side anyone is on, if we are intellectually honest with ourselves and take into account everything Kerry has said and done, our conclusions must be that he cannot be credible.  Perceiving the international community to be so naïve would only hurt a potential Kerry administration.

Tonight, I think I’ll head over to the Frog and watch baseball, even though my heart still weeps over the Cubs’ elimination.  I really do hope they can get rid of Sosa before the end of next year, because basically Sammy deserves to go.  His antics at the end of this season are inexcusable.

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